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Nobody likes to think of anyone having to live/sleep  on the streets or in low end, poorly equipped emergency accommodation at any time of the year. Yet we are all bound to know someone who has had to that at some point in their life.

Currently, Life Housing prevents 21 people, on a weekly basis, from having to live and sleep on the streets of Glasgow by providing excellent quality, fully furnished flats and a level of care and support rivalled by none. This support and training they need and receive will ensure that they will maintain their own tenancy when it is time for them to move on.

So many say they owe their lives to the team at the ARCH for providing the love and care they needed.

Could your church, business or organisation give just £100 per month, that equates to just £3.30 per day, to help The ARCH assist 21 people access the second chance all of us need or have experienced in the past?

Could you as an individual or family give just £25 per month, that is less than £1 per day, to give our tenants their best shot at a new life?

With your help we will increase our capacity from 21 to 25 within the next 4 months, removing others from the harshness of our winter streets.

And yet, the need will only continue to increase.

Whatever you give, no matter how large or how small please know - those whose lives are touched  send you their thanks. You have just made a massive difference to the lives of many vulnerable people.

The easiest way is to give by bank transfer (BACS). Please see details below this message.

Sincere appreciation
Craig Denham
Life Housing

Donate via Bank Transfer

Royal Bank of Scotland
Sort code: 83-34-00 Account Number: 00240204

Colin's Story

Colin's Story

I don’t think words can do any justice to explain how The Arch helped me get my life back.

Substance abuse had taken pretty much everything from me, leaving me homeless and without a friend in the world. I had given up on life and it felt like life had given up on me.

I remember my first day at The Arch clearly.

I was a very scared, unhealthy, broken little boy without a voice.

I did my initial interview with a member of staff and was accompanied by someone I had recently met through a 12-step fellowship. He did all of the talking for me, and the entire time I couldn’t even look the staff member in the eyes. I found the entire experience really difficult. She treated me like a human being for the first time in a very long time. She didn’t judge me for my past and only cared about how to help me. I was shown kindness and genuine concern for my well-being. I found it very difficult and strange to trust people, but from the Manager to the volunteers every single person I encountered in The Arch helped me step by step.

I made friends for the first time in years and found a place that I could call home.

Each step of my recovery was aided by the service provided by The Arch and its workers. From group work to the individual sessions I attended I was able to find out who I was and what direction I wanted to take in my life. My support worker at the time inspired me to follow my true passion in life by returning to climbing. His support and belief in me helped push my boundaries and look way beyond the horizon.

Returning to France and Spain to climb in the Pyrenees was an awakening for me, a milestone in my recovery. I fondly remember the happiness of The Arch staff as I left with a huge rucksack on my back. The change that took place while watching the sunset from the summit of Monte Perdido would be the catalyst for me to leave and travel the world.

I was genuinely sad to leave The Arch. I was no longer that voiceless, scared little boy - I had found confidence and an excitement for life. My journeys took me exploring through Australia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Himalayas in Nepal, and Costa Rica. Every moment and in every new country, I found myself with a smile on my face. During my time in Australia I met and fell in love with a girl from New York City.

Six years after leaving The Arch I have found myself living in NYC, happily married, successfully running my own business, and travelling through the United States for extended periods.

I am grateful every single day for the help that The Arch provided me and cherish every second of my life, most of which is spent with my cat and dog.

Other Ways To Donate

Postal Donation
Cheques can be sent to Life Housing, 36 Muslin Street, Glasgow, G40 4AP

Fundraising (Fun Run, Sponsored Events etc)
The SCA will be running a number of these events and we will keep you up-to-date with these.