Scatter Flats

As a testament to our community-oriented approach, Life Housing also provides “Scatter Flats” for current ARCH service users who, after completing the program, found themselves susceptible to social isolation and would like the security of low-level additional support when transitioning from the ARCH. 

Our team, in collaboration with the charity, donors, and Grants funders, has long recognised the challenge of isolation. To address this, we have purchased or sublet property within the local community. This not only provides continued support for our most vulnerable tenants but also fosters a strong sense of community and belonging.

Each Scatter Flats occupant is not just a resident but a valued member of our community. They benefit from a fully furnished flat and immediate access to support from our dedicated staff, who are accessible by telephone or personally to ensure that each individual feels supported at all times.

Our scattered Flats are conveniently located in the heart of Glasgow East End, with easy access to shopping, the library, the community centre, and transportation into the city centre and surrounding areas.

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